3 Ways I Overcame Extreme Stress and Balanced My Roles as a Professional and Parent

3 Ways I Overcame Extreme Stress and Balanced My Roles as a Professional and Parent

Initially I found balancing a career and parenting to be overwhelming, but eventually I found it possible to manage stress and responsibilities with the right strategies.

1. Prioritise and Organise

One of the keys to managing multiple roles (and staying sane) is prioritisation and organisation. There really was nothing worse for my stress levels than having a million fires and not knowing where to begin putting them out.

I started by identifying the most important tasks for both work and home, and tackling them first. I found that tools like to-do lists, planners, and digital calendars were lifesavers. For instance, I use a weekly planner to allocate specific times for work related activity and family activities. This way, I stay on top of my responsibilities without feeling overwhelmed and know exactly what I should be doing and when.

For me, effective prioritisation has massively reduced stress levels by creating structure and a clear plan of action.

2. Set Boundaries

Next, I found that setting boundaries between my work and personal life was vital in reducing my stress. The constant ping of Teams and Outlook can become like Chinese water torture.

I set out to clearly define when I was working and when I off the clock (admittedly, this has got more challenging with twin babies). This really worked, but you obviously have to let your colleagues and family members know your schedule. For example, I turn off work emails after 6 PM and dedicate that time to family. This separation allows me to be fully present, especially within family life without the constant pressure of multitasking.

Again, strong boundaries ensure that I have time to recharge, breathe and avoid burnout.

3. Practice Self-Care

Last, but by no means least, regular self-care is essential for me in maintaining my balance and reducing stress.

Incorporate activities that rejuvenate you into your routine, such as exercise, hobbies, or meditation. I make it a point to exercise three times a week and indulge in reading before bed. These activities provide a mental break and improve overall well-being, making it easier to handle daily challenges.

self care to manage stress

Self-care keeps your mind and body resilient, ready to face daily demands.

I found that balancing multiple roles is challenging, but by prioritising, setting boundaries, and practicing self-care, I was able to effectively manage stress and lead a fulfilling life. Now you can too!

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