Trying something new

About CJ Marsh – An ex “Imposter Syndrome” patient, bringing value & expertise to you.

I’ve spent much of my life learning, reading, dreaming and basically doing absolutely anything but starting out on my own. So I’ve finally decided to take action to win back my time, bring value to others and grow by starting this site.

If you have a burning need to improve your life, whether it’s on a personal level or at a career goals level, I have the tools, knowledge and expertise to help you be what you deserve to be!

The Mission

To teach others what I know so they can be in the position I now find myself in

The Values

Authenticity, honesty and humour are at the core of everything I do.

The Vision

To develop high value content, maintain my own style and educate a community.

More about me

In the real world, I am a 30 something, married, father of 3, one step daughter and two baby twins. Life is hectic, stressful but incredibly rewarding.

As I say, as a father of 3, including 18 month old twins, I want to spend quality time with them as they grow up whilst ensuring that we have a comfortable financial future and they have what they need.

I’d say those are pretty noble goals, right?

Inside the social construct called “a career”, I’m a Cyber Security & IT Service Management professional and have over 20 years of experience in private and public sector, I’ve done mind numbing jobs and incredibly demanding ones.

I have a deep passion for learning and self development, I love fitness, good writing and I’m willing to work hard for what I want. I’ve trebled my income in under 7 years, had multiple promotions and also led and mentored others under me who have all been successful in stepping up in their careers.

I decided after many months of wracking my brains in between sleep deprivation and work, that I wanted to take my skills, passions and expertise, to do something for myself that one day may liberate me forever from being a wage slave.

Life is tough and it is expensive, especially in current times with inflation, wars and pandemics. I promise to use the skills and experience I have to provide value to you by helping you recognise what’s stopping you from achieving what you deserve and setting you up for success.

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