Transform Your Life with ‘The Marsh Methods’

I have a unique 4 step framework for success in EVERY aspect of your live.

What will you gain?

I write about and offer coaching on career growth and self development using ‘The Marsh Methods’. These are built using my unique 4 stage framework, incorporating the key principles of Awareness, Accountability, Action and Ascendancy.

I also have thoughts on most topics I have an interest in, fitness has played a huge part in shaping me (literally) and has been an important component to my mental health. By coming here, even if you learn one useful thing, it’s been worth the visit.

My Story

I am running this site as a beacon for other time poor, busy, professionals and/or parents, to learn from me about what it takes to progress in your life and career. I’m a married father of 3, including 18 month old twins. I’ve moved from a dead-end job to a new career, experienced multiple promotions and career changes, and also led and mentored others to promotions. I’ve successfully tripled my income in under 7 years and this is entirely possible for You. I don’t sell snake oil & I don’t beat around the bush, I approach life in a mostly irreverent and good humoured way. If I can help you I will.

I’ll openly admit, starting this site and everything it entails is a gamble, but just like the person who decides that 4 years to complete a degree is too long, when you look back in another year, you could have had a year completed and under your belt. So what I’m saying is “Here goes, I’m diving in with both feet!”

Learn valuable career growth & self development insights

You can never be sure what I’ll talk about next, but you can be sure it’ll be entertaining and informative.

Why CJ Marsh

I have genuinely lived what I teach

I want to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, professionals and creators, who are looking to improve their life & career, discuss their work/life challenges and share insights in good humour.

I’m here to help

Despite the humour and tangents, the core of what I want to do, is to help busy professionals & parents who might be struggling with direction or finding a place to discuss their challenges.

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